PPI Razor GTR Spyder

The sound from the PPI Razor GTR Spyder is deliciously demonic as the V10 exhaust drones into the higher RPM’s and yet the most deliriously nauseating part of all this is the amount of attention and consistency of cameras pointed at the PPI Razor.

ADV1 wheels eGarage front


ICON 4x4 Bronco


ICON 4x4 Bronco 5 The ICON Bronco has long amazed the world of Automotive. From its introduction at SEMA to the desert off road this thing is serious business and commands attention. The high quality details need to be seen in person, photos and videos and just don’t do this machine any justice. The ICON Bronco features the Ford 5.0 Coyote : 412 Horsepower and 390 lf/ft torque.

Ferrari 275 GTB 6C Monaco

L'homme aux 275 GTB

Acheter une voiture de collection n’est pas un acte banal, pour certains cela se résume juste à ajouter une voiture à leur collection alors que pour d’autres c’est un achat passion. En effet on n’achète pas une « Classic Car » (comme on dit en anglais), juste pour se déplacer, on achète ce qui nous a fait […]

Ferrari 275 GTB Competizione Speciale

The 275 GTB Man

The 275 GTB cars tickle the ears and attract the glances : heads turn around, cameras unsheathe. Our man is always available to answer the questions of the passers-by, intrigued.

Ferrari 275 GTB Competizione Speciale Monaco

Huracan Lamborghini

Lamborghini Huracan Up Close


The Lamborghini Huracan, a newborn from Lamborghini line of vehicles. The most significant aspects that have been a common way of associating with a V10 Lamborghini is first, the sharp and angular shape that has ran in the family of all Lamborghini models since the Miura.


HRE Wheels | Porsche 918 Spyder

At the end of 2014 HRE Performance Wheels went out with a huge exclamation point. They showcased the infamously fast and sexy hypercar Porsche 918 Spyder with a high tech set of ultra lightweight centerlock wheels. The HRE P101 mono block was finished in brushed dark clear. Here we see the results. IMG_9531

Lancia Stratos front Monaco

Lancia Stratos Monaco

I was always an amateur with cars, but for me the Lancia Stratos is the most beautiful of all. In spite of its age, 40 years old, yet it still keeps a shape and has an incredible charm. What I love is the absence of assistance that you find on modern cars. There are no electronics, the only thing which guides it is the driver. I think that whoever is lucky enough to drive it one day must only fall in love with it.

Lancia Stratos Monaco

The Truth Roadster Shop eGarage Camaro diagonal

The Truth: SEMA 2014

The Truth – 2,000 HP eGarage Camaro built by the Roadster Shop blends exotic supercar styling with brute power and performance. The extensively modified body has transformed the iconic 1969 Camaro into a modern supercar. Every area of the build features 1-off handmade or machined components with styling cues on par with today’s high end exotics.

The Truth Roadster Shop eGarage Camaro top

Porsche 911 Turbo S Rear

Porsche Enlightenment

Even though I had been very much into cars from a very young age thanks to movies like ‘Cannonball Run” and “Smokey and the Bandit” I was not ever sure what my photography niche was. In my early 20’s, I started to photograph cars more, paying careful attention to different shapes, lines and details, while learning more about each brand, and their respective following.

Porsche turbo S rear

Bugatti Veyron Vitesse Monaco Yacht

Bugatti Veyron Vitesse

Displayed at 2013 Geneva Motorshow, our Bugatti Veyron Vitesse is number #026. The body color is Bronze Carbon and Finch Fire. It is a striking color that must be seen in full sunlight because the car looks black when it’s dark whereas the brown carbon pops out dramatically in the sun.

Bugatti Veyron Vitesse Monaco Rear