Lamborghini Aventador | Ferrari FF

Photography  Richard Thompson III   |   Words Nic Jimenez

It is crazy to think that Richard Thompson III and I have been pals now for almost a decade. Over these past 10 years we have worked on many projects side by side. More than a few years back, when I launched eGarage we hosted an Automotive Photography workshop together. Most recently we spent a very productive and collaborative weekend creating a wonderfully imaginative Lamborghini video. Time really does fly and one clear indication to me is that Richard never stops working. By “working” I consider Richard to be an artist more than just a photographer. As an artist, his work never stops evolving. In a crazy world of non-stop social media that is oversaturated with many aspiring Automotive photographers,  Richard adheres to our mantra of Stories in Motion by perpetually providing next level visually stimulating and inspiring imagery.

Here we see what he can do using a new Lamborghini Aventador and a Ferrari FF owned by an eGarage fan in Los Angeles.eGarage RVT3 Lamborghini V12RVT3 eGarage Lamborghini FerrariFerrari FF- Lamborghini Aventador RVT3 eGarageLamborghini Aventador RVT3 eGarageCLICK HERE TO SEE EACH INDIVIDUAL PHOTO -> eGarageFerrari FF eGarage RVT3Aventador interior RVTIII eGarageLamborghini Aventador Wheel RVT3 RVT3 Aventador eGarageAventador rear RVT3 eGarage Aventador RVT eGarageCLICK HERE TO SEE EACH INDIVIDUAL PHOTO -> eGarage

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