2014 Formula Drift Long Beach

2014 Formula Drift Long Beach

Formula Drift Long Beach – the 2014 season opener. I personally think it’s the toughest course of the year. Its a mayhem of concrete and tire walls. It’s a great road course for racing but for drifting it becomes an alley of distraction.

2014 Formula Drift Long Beach

Teslarati Model S Cones at Willow Springs

Tesla Model S - The Ultimate Sports Car

It’s something that can only be described once you drive the Tesla Model S. Exhilarating, inspiring, thought provoking, and you just feel good, both from a philosophical and physical standpoint, driving the car.



Roush Fenway Racing

Every Ford fan knows the name Jack Roush. For what has almost been 20 years, Roush Performance has been selling aftermarket performance parts for Ford. We invite you to journey 20 miles out of Charlotte and visit the showroom of Roush Fenway Racing in Concord, North Carolina. A free introduction into Roush Fenway NASCAR.


Ferrari 250 SWB

Life in the Pits


The 2013 Monterey Motorsports Reunion is not just about owners and drivers reveling in iconic glory, Life in the pits sees thousands of men women and children acting as fans, students or future drivers. From tent to tent through the pits, cameras blaze from dusk til dawn immortalizing these stoic spartans of speed. This year we decided to focus on life in the pits. While seeing and hearing is believing, the smell of burnt oil, the aroma of race fuel reminds us that we are among true Automotive greatness.

Mario Andretti Monaco

Vintage Formula One Hot Laps Monaco

Mario Andretti Monaco

Have you ever dreamed of doing hot laps at your favorite racetrack? Or had a night out on the city streets of Monaco in a Fiat wishing you were truly behind the wheel of a Ferrari F1? Let the shear awesome of this 1975 Vels Parnelli Jones Formula One that was once driven by Mario Andretti stretch its legs in Monaco for your pleasures.

eGarage Lamborghini Diablo SVR Seattle Barge

The Story of the American Flag Lamborghini Diablo SVR

eGarage Lamborghini Diablo SVR Seattle Barge

This story is about an Austrian racing an Italian supercar painted like the American flag. I am proud of my heritage, proud of the car I owned and proud of and thankful to the USA for providing me with the opportunity to do so.


Formula Drift Long Beach Experience


Drifting has been with us in the States for over a decade now. As drifting began to gain popularity automotive enthusiasts thought it was a trend that would eventually disappear. With the help of Formula Drift, this sport is here to stay. Drifting has earned its name amongst the pages of motorsports. 2013 kicks off bright and early this past weekend with Formula Drift Long Beach Experience. All the drifters make sure everyone in Long Beach is awake by 9am. If your alarm clock did not wake you up, the roaring thunderous sounds of the V8′s and screeching tires surely would.

1000 Tours Paul Ricard

2012 10000 Tours

In spite of the name, “10,000 Tours”, the older classic cars that participate in this event are not doing 10,000 circuit laps. This name is there to remind that most of the committed cars are old track machines, or classic GTs who hide the soul of a racer under their beautiful, protected shells. They have earned their time on the circuit, now is time to celebrate their history.

eGarage 2012 Italian Grand Prix Vodafone Girl

Italian Grand Prix at Monza

eGarage 2012 Italian Grand Prix Red Bull Pit Guy

The dichotomies of old and new at the Italian Grand Prix are everywhere. The modern track layout ducks and dives under and around the once famed and now historic parabolica ring—cracked and crumbling as Mother Nature re-grows around its aging surface.

2012 Lime Rock Historic Festival7

Lime Rock Historic Festival

Cooper was born in 1987. Naturally, he began tagging along as I introduced my family to the sylvan setting of the 1.53-mile track located in Northwestern Connecticut. While the noise from engines bothered him at first, it wasn’t long before those very sounds enthralled him, and the Lime Rock Historic Festival became something we both looked forward to each year.