Ducati Scrambler

Ducati Scrambler

Ducati finally unveiled one of the most eagerly awaited
new bikes to go on show there; the Ducati Scrambler brand immediately became the
focus of media and public attention, and the undisputed star of this key German fair.
Ducati Scrambler


Ferrari 458 speciale A

Ferrari 458 Speciale A

Ferrari is pleased to announce the Paris Motor Show world debut of the Ferrari 458 Speciale A (A as in Aperta).

Ferrari 458 Speciale A

European LeMans Porsche

European LeMans Series

After having fought all weekend on the warm Paul Ricard HTTT track it’s time for the cars of the European LeMans to go back into the trucks, for the motorhomes to pack up, and for the racetrack employees to collect the last piece of tire’s gum left on the track, and maybe for you to look at your pictures from this racing weekend quietly at home.

European LeMans Paul Ricard HTTT Racecar

Bugatti Veyron Vitesse Monaco Yacht

Bugatti Veyron Vitesse

Displayed at 2013 Geneva Motorshow, our Bugatti Veyron Vitesse is number #026. The body color is Bronze Carbon and Finch Fire. It is a striking color that must be seen in full sunlight because the car looks black when it’s dark whereas the brown carbon pops out dramatically in the sun.

Bugatti Veyron Vitesse Monaco Rear

Aston Martin DB5 Gold For Charity

Aston Martin DB5 Gold For Charity

An 24-carat gold Aston Martin DB5 will be offered for auction for charity by Chrisities. 24-carat gold plated detailing, complete with radio controlled machine guns, bullet-proof shield and revolving number plate. 3d – Scans were used to build a one-off gold-plated third scale replica of James Bond’s iconic Aston Martin DB5. Gold Aston Martin DB5

Aston Martin One-77

Aston Martin One-77

The Aston Martin One-77 (One for its specialness, and 77 for the units produced) is the hypercar of the British brand. Unveiled during the 2009 Paris Motorshow, the One-77 is powered with a 7.3l V12 producing 750hp, the most powerful Aston Martin ever produced.


Mercedes-Benz AMG GT

Mercedes-AMG GT

The first Mercedes was a racing car, its most recent successor carries this heritage forward: with the new Mercedes-AMG GT. The Mercedes-AMG sports car brand is moving into a new, top-class sports car segment for the company. The GT is the second sports car developed entirely in-house by Mercedes-AMG.
Mercedes-AMG GT


LaFerrari in the Wild

It isn’t very often that you are grouchy, in desperate need of coffee, only to find a sinister-looking grey LaFerrari hypercar sitting alone, parked behind a juniper bush.

LaFerrari 6

_MG_9632 copy

The Quail 2014

If you truly want to experience The Quail, wake up at 6:00am, arrive no later than 7:00am, and leave as soon as the sun and the crowds arrive. The reason for this is because although The Quail at any time is incredible, in the early hours of the morning it is magical.


McCall Pagani Huayra

2014 McCall Motorworks Revival

McCall FordGT
McCall’s Motorworks Revival was many things to many people.For the people in the business, it was a chance to connect, to network, and to sell. And for people like me, the people who get short of breath at the sight of their favorite cars, it was simply magical. I was a kid in a candy store.