Koenigsegg CCX Dyno

Words: Ben Abrams  | Photos/Video: Drew Larrigan

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(Redmond, WA) In my opinion, part of a supercar owner’s responsibility to the car community is to be a steward. The more visibility a rare car receives, the more “attainable” it becomes. I liken it to meeting a childhood idol. I was privileged enough to meet Mickey Mantle when I was a kid. It should be noted that I grew up in New York amongst a very active Yankee supporting family. I got to witness the Mick throw a few beers back, exchange some slurred New York sarcasm with my uncle, make a pass at my grandmother, then I never saw him again. Although fleeting, this experience took him off the field, off the baseball cards, and made him forever real to me.
Being an owner of a Koenigsegg CCX, I know that the car benefits greatly from being driven but, like my brief time with Mickey Mantle, I know that when a car like this is experienced as a bystander, it becomes much more real – it is no longer a poster on a wall or a picture on a desktop. So, when Drew and I got a call from a local gaming studio to make the car available for a sound clip recording on a dyno machine, I accepted. I accepted knowing that seeing and hearing this beast blow some carbon out could, in no way, be less than a killer experience for everyone who viewed it. It didn’t disappoint. Most of the guys from the gaming studio told me it was the sexiest sounding car they’d ever recorded. None of us expected the tremendous display captured on video. It was a flaming cherry on top of the experience. And for me, it only reinforces that, every once in awhile, a car like this needs to scream and shout for all of the world to see.
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