Koenigsegg CCX Key

Words/Photos: Nic Jimenez | Video: eGarage and Cavallino Jewelers

Let eGarage show you a Koenigsegg key and how this .925 Sterling Silver key needs to be maintained.
Refinishing and service by Cavallino Jewelers.

Autoblog Feature

You’d think every Supercar requires a Superkey. As demonstrated in the video by David of Cavallino Jewelers, with a little love and tender care, this Koenigsegg CCX key was brought back to good as new condition. It’s a solid key that weighs more in your pocket than your favorite smart phone. Designer Christian Von Koenigsegg says, “Each and every Koenigsegg has a premium price, but then each and every Koenigsegg has been painstakingly built by a select group of automotive artisans to the highest possible standards, including the key.”

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