Pagani Zonda HH

words: Nic Jimenez | photos: Drew Larrigan

Every so often in order to continue automotive legacy and supremecy a boutique Supercar company will release a special edition or a refresh to keep potential buyers or customers excited about a brand. Typically these updates are new style headlights or special paint options while performance is the same.

Pagani Zonda HH Pagani Zonda HH

Zonda HH back Pagani Zonda HH

However Horacio and his crew of talented artisans at Pagani were comissioned in 2010 by David Heinemeier Hansson to build a one-off convertible Zonda in Monterey Blue, that features the engine from the rare Cinque (680hp 7.3L AMG V12) and most of the bodywork from the Zonda F Roadster. It was named the Zonda HH which stands for the owners name, Heinemeier Hansson.

ZONDA HH Pagani Zonda HH

Zonda HH engine Pagani Zonda HH

At this point nearing 2012 we have seen almost everything coming out of Pagani is a custom one off Supercar. The Zonda HH is something we are very lucky to have had time to spend with. It is beautifully detailed over every square inch of the car.

Pagani ZOnda HH interior Pagani Zonda HHPagani Zonda Rear Pagani Zonda HH

This incredible one-off “Hypercar” has a carbon titanium tub, a ceramic-titanium exhaust, and carbon-ceramic brakes. The Pagani Zonda HH is said to be 30% lighter than the standard Zonda.

Zonda HH front Pagani Zonda HHBlue Zonda HH Pagani Zonda HH—-TO SEE MORE ZONDA HH PHOTOS VISIT FLICKR—-

Screen shot 2011 12 08 at 8.51 Pagani Zonda HH