Automotive Gifts OVER $100

Automotive Gifts OVER $100 | By: Drew Larrigan

The Automotive Santa Claus continues to inspire with our favorite automotive gift ideas for OVER $100. For those automotive enthusiasts inspired by travel, detail, and brand loyalty, these items OVER $100 reflect the best of the best of the Automotive world. Whether it’s a weekend trip with a Bentley British Racing Green leather bag or an extended stay in the South of Spain to bask in speed and sun at one of the sexiest race tracks in the world, the Ascari Race Resort. Or maybe it’s copiloting an Aston Martin V8 Vantage around Nordschleife?


Jackets / Bags

Lamborghini Carbon Fiber Travel Bag — €1,450.00 | Bentley Classic Weekender Race Bag ‘2’ and ‘9’ — £450.00 | BMW M Travel Bag — EUR 109.00 | Mercedes-Benz Stormtech Explorer Jacket — $245.00 | Lotus Quilted Jacket — $481.00 | Mclaren F1 Team Waterproof — $269.00 


Automotive Timepieces

Mclaren Tag Heuer MP4-12C — £8950.00 | Breitling Bentley Desk Clock — £950.00 | Porsche Design 356 SL Classic Chronograph — $750.00 | Ferrari F1 Carbon Fibre / Brown Classic Watch — $718 | BMW Carbon M Watch — EUR 200 | Scuderia Ferrari Gun Chrono — $651.00Breitling Bentley GMT Silver Dial — $8,232.00Richard Mille RM011 Felipe Massa — $77,000.00 


Racing Memorabilia

 Mclaren Lewis Hamilton Helmet Signed — $7999.00 | Ayrton Senna 1984 F1 Replica Helmet — $549.00 | Michael Schumacher 2011 F1 Replica Helmet 24K Gold — $1,950.00Bentley Boys Leather Driving Helmet — £135.00Vodafone McLaren Mercedes MP4-26 Steering Wheel — £1750.002011 Ferrari 150º Italia Steering Wheel  — £1750.00 |  2004 Ferrari F2004 Steering Wheel — £1750.00Red Bull Racing RB8 Full Size Steering Wheel — £1750.00


Something For Everyone

 Mclaren Engineered VIP Ring — $455.00 | Ferrari Cavallino T150 earphoness — $249.00 | Ferrari Cavallino T250 Headphones — $389.00Porsche Design Bike RS — $7,999.99 | Ferrari Bomber Jacket — $465.00 | Bentley Racing For Postion Print — £110.00 | Volkswagen Recaro Office Chair — $1795.00Tod’s for Ferrari – 250 GTO Credit Card Case — $215.00 | Ferrari GT cockpit 458 Italia Edition — $399.00  | Contour+2 POV Camera — $399.00 | Carroll Shelby Wine Six Bottle — $359.95


Ascari Race Resort Racing Package

15 track days
5 people (1 driver)
Vehicle parking at additional rate
Catering service available at additional rate
Ascari fleet car for rent at discounted rates
Ascari instructors available at discounted rates

 Ascari Race Resort Racing Package — €19.000


SimRaceway School of Racing

The School of Racing’s Stage I is a two-day program for drivers seeking a full immersion into driving a race car at the limit.  No matter your driving experience, the School of Racing’s methodical and modern curriculum focuses on building self-sufficient drivers by ingraining in them a complete driving system. This is the very system used successfully at the very top levels of motorsports. Ample lapping time without artificial speed or RPM limits are a program cornerstone.  Moreover, each driver is assigned their own car for the duration of the program, minimizing fitting time and maximizing track time. Master the FJR-50 on the ultra challenging Infineon Raceway and you can confidently and quickly drive any car on any circuit.

SimRaceway School of Racing — $3995.00


Aston Martin Copilot Nordschleife

Aston Martin V8 Vantage Copilot Nordschleife – a rush of adrenalin under the Christmas tree!

The real racing feeling as a present: The co-pilot is going to accompany a racing driver through the 21 km of the “Green Hell” in the Aston Martin Vantage V8 and will experience “speed” from a completely different perspective. As a thank you for booking this voucher will get you a Nürburgring backpack worth 19,00 €.

Aston Martin Copilot Nordschleife — € 295.00


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